The Ultra Clean Motorsports Tube Cleaning System

The Ultra Clean Motorsports Tube Cleaning System is a contamination removal system that will serve a great benefit to racers and enthusiasts. The Ultra Clean System is a process for cleaning and purging the inside of hose, tube, pipe, or other thru-bores. As the Ultra Clean projectile cleans the inside diameter, the inside walls are also scrubbed and polished by the projectile.

We all know that small particles will damage seals and o-rings, plug journals and other passageways, cutting down on the efficiency of the system or causing complete failure. The Ultra Clean System offers the opportunity to reduce maintenance and downtime, improve efficiency of hydraulic systems, and save time and money on contamination removal efforts. The reduced friction of the polished walls, improves flow and seal wear.

Keeping components clean in the dirty environment at the track is nearly impossible, making it more important to clean hose assemblies and other parts before reassembling. The parts washer is not the cleanest place in the shop and is not a good option at the track. Flushing with oils or solvents, which can leave contaminates behind, is an obsolete method for cleaning when compared to using the Ultra Clean system.

There are many applications in the racing and automotive industry, including all types of hose assemblies and system components. Here are just a few applications:

Oil Lines – Break Lines – A/C System Lines – Vacuum Lines
Fuel Lines – Fire Bottle Lines and Nozzles – Coolant Lines – Chassis Tubing
Painting and Powder Coating Equipment – Air Intake – Engine Components
Shock Tubes – Hydraulic Cylinders – Drinking Tubes – Cool Suit Systems
Air Lines – Nitrous Lines – Engine and Transmission Oil Passage Ways
Applications are only limited by the imagination!
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